AYRTON Magic Blade FX, Ayrton Mini Panele FX

AYRTON Magic Blade  FX

AYRTON is famous for its unconventional equipment. MAGICBLADE FX is now in our offer.

In addition to great optics and brightness, this device has a different shape, which allows the designer to develop innovative effects.

It allows continuous rotation in both pan and tilt. Magic Blade can literally go round and round!

AYRTON Mini Panel FX

MINIPANEL FX is another moving head from AYRTON.

ust like other models, it has great optics and brightness. It allows continuous rotation in both pan and tilt.

Mini Panels are relatively small and light, they are one of the smallest moving heads in our warehouse.

Visit our rental website. We provide reliable equipment and professional service. Systematic investments in new equipment allow us to be the leader in terms of technology, as well as the amount of the equipment we own.  Check out our rental offer.

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