Follow-Me is a system that allows remote tracking of objects on the stage with light. The innovativeness of the system lies in the fact that tracking can take place simultaneously, using many devices of any manufacturer, from different directions.

Follow-Me is easy to use. After configuring the system, the operator’s role is to track the object and guide it using a small controller. The software is compatible with any lighting system. Lighting devices can be assigned to the system in real time. The system works with any lighting console.

Follow-Me is a system:

  • ensuring perfect visibility of the performers on stage remotely tracking,
  • using multiple lighting devices, any number of contractors supporting
  • all types of devices
  • compatible with any designed lighting scenery

We used Follow-Me for the first time during the final concert of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The system turned out to be easy to use and reliable. We used 6 consoles to run 6 independent targets, and 7 consoles in the backup. 2 technicians calibrated the system in 24 hours, then minor corrections were made during the tests and the devices prepared in this way worked without any problems until the end of the implementation. The lighting engineer used multiple lighting devices to guide the performers. From the front and side directions, these were mainly Sceniusy Profiles, and the counter ones were also Mac Quantum.

Thanks to the extensive possibilities of integrating FollowMe with GrandMa consoles, the operator supervising the exhibition of artists could at any time smoothly correct changes in brightness caused by changing the position of performers on a very extensive competition stage.

Follow Me was positively received by the production team. It has been recognized as a tool that allows you to fine-tune the contractors’ front lighting and optimally and flexibly use the installed devices.

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