28 Dec: Scenes from behind the Stage from TSE Group.

Scenes from behind the Stage from TSE Group are a series of drawings, the purpose of which is to show the specificity of our work from the kitchen, with a light-witted eye. We speak on various topics that are our everyday life, with a sense of humor and distance. The audience at the event sees the final effect of wow. What happens “behind the scenes” is the kitchen. Preparing the stage performance is a well planned production. Sometimes, however, during it arise funny situations, stories and sayings and they are the content of our drawings. We hope that you, like us, will also like this series of humorous stories. Their screenplay writes life and is drawn for us by Jarosław Maślanek, writer, photographer and illustrator. So far, six drawings have been published in the Scene series from behind the Stage. We have ideas and an appetite for more. We invite…