ACCESSORIES and stage elements


A mobile system of lightweight aluminum constructions used to attach horizons, curtains, backstages, graphic elements, or to create temporary spaces in rooms. Heights from 1.5 m to 6 m are possible.

Pipe and Drape

system for remote release of suspended curtains and other scenography elements. It allows you to reveal a product, scene or other hidden elements in an instant. It can be connected to a lighting console.

Kabuki drop

To cover large and high areas, e.g. concert halls or exhibition halls, we offer horizons with a height of 6 to 18 meters. As standard, we offer black fabric with a fire protection certificate.

Backdrops, horizons

A system for mechanically covering and uncovering the stage, designed for temporary installations. We can create a theater stage anywhere. It works with every fabric from our offer. Noiseless thanks to the use of Teflon bearings.


System of mobile modular changing rooms (the module holds 48 numbers). We can serve up to 2000 guests. We offer transport and assembly of modules as well as service of the changing room during the event.

Dressing rooms

Cable overrun – it is an indispensable element of equipment for every event. We have a large number of professional Adam Hall ramps in various sizes. For hotels and conference rooms, we offer discreet black overruns.


Full list of accessories and stage elements