KINEX – dynamic space creation system

Kinex – dynamic space creation system

Do you want to surprise your guests? You came to the right place, because we’ve got something that will add the “wow” factor to your event!

Kinex allows you to create static and dynamic visual effects at your event. The smooth, synchronized movement of shining objects creates a hypnotizing effect.

The system is made up of two parts: a winch and a shiny object attached to it, which moves up or down.

The best visual effect is obtained when a few items are moving – the more items, the more interesting it looks.

Kinex can be operated from a lighting controller or a media server. It works well with BlackTrax system.

Wavy and color-changing shiny surfaces create incredible visual effects, which make every event even more beautiful. The moment when the light starts flashing everyone goes “WOW!”.

Kinex can be installed above any place or object and it will make it stand out. It can be above a stage, an audience, a dancefloor, a market stand, a car or an exhibition. Kinex can be a part of a multimedia performance.


  • New
  • Impressive
  • Stimulating immagination
  • Hypnotizing


  • balls,
  • icycles,
  • Edison light bulbes,
  • horizontal triangles,
  • tulle frames,
  • every other light scenography element.

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