Aquilon Analog Way

High-quality visual effects for stage events with the advanced Aquilon Analog Way multimedia console.

Greater capabilities and precision in processing video content in real time and fast response times – these are the expectations of producers, organizers and show creators aiming to create unforgettable experiences.

To meet these needs, one of the most modern processors for AV realization – Aquilon, from Analog Way, has been available in our offer for several weeks.

This advanced multimedia console stands out in the market with its features and capabilities, and combines industrial-grade reliability with great ease of use.

The advantages of the Analog Way Aquilon C+ 8K/4K 24-12 over other devices with similar applications include:

  • Advanced video processing capabilities (min.: scaling, color correction, sharpening), in HDR technology, with 10/12 bit 4:4:4 real-time processing
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple high-definition (4K and 8K) video sources – 24 4K60 inputs and 12 4K60 outputs
  • Digital support for Dante audio signals
  • Easy operation


more technical parameters of this device can be found on the manufacturer’s website

Looking for a way to make your events more dynamic and engaging?

Need more capability, precision and speed in processing real-time video content?

Opt for state-of-the-art AV production with the Analog Way Aqulion and our team of experienced production designers and engineers.

Analog Way Aqilion multimedia console for the realization of demanding video content has been in our offer for several weeks.

Don’t wait and contact us to rent an Aqulion processor with realization service.

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