TSE is one of the oldest companies on the proffesional stage and television lighting market.

Our company is the industry leader. We have top-shelf equipment and at least a few copies of each device in our warehouse. In 20 years, we worked on thousands of amazing projects. We use a professional WYSIWYG program for designing.

We can prepare a project with equipment arrangement and a visualization of lighting including beam angle, lamp power, weight and other parameters.

We provide a range of professional equipment for your event:

  • Claypaky Scenius Profile, Alpha Profile 1500, Alpha Profile 1200
Ruchome głowy
  • Claypaky Mythos, Alpha Beam 1500, Sharpy
  • Robe Mega Pointe, Mini Pointe, LEDbeam 100
Ruchome głowy
typu BEAM
  • Claypaky Mythos, Scenius Profile, Alpha Profile 1500, Alpha Profile 1200, Alpha Spot QWO
  • Robe Mega Pointe
Ruchome głowy
typu SPOT
  • Claypaky B-EYE K20, B-EYE K10, Alpha Wash
  • Robe Robin 1200 LED wash, Robin 600 LEDwash, Robin 100 LEDbeam
  • Ayrton Magicblade FX, Mini Panel FX
Ruchome głowy
typu WASH
  • SGM P5, SP6 Six Pack
  • Stairville Show Bar TriLED
  • Litecraft Alto AT10
  • Robe Parfect
Oświetlenie LED
  • SGM P5, Six Pack
  • Griven Kolorado 2500 MK2, Kolorstream 2500
Oświetlenie architektury
  • ETC S4 750W, PC/FR 1, 2, 5kW
  • Robe PATT 2013, picklePATT, Spacelight
  • Showtec Sunstripe Active
  • Blinder DWE 2, 4, 8 way, PAR 36, 56, 64, , żarówki “Edison”
  • Robe PARfect S1
  • Elation Light Panel
Oświetlenie konwencjonalne
  • Robert Juliat 2500 Cyrano
  • Given Follow SPOT HMI 575, 1200, 2500 Dardo
  • Claypaky Shadow QS-ST HMI 1200
Reflektory prowadzące
  • MA Lighting Grand MA2 full size, lite, on PC + Command Wing, 2Port Node, fader wing, NPU, NSP
  • ELC ART Net procesor, Node8,
  • Wholehog Road Hog 4
  • Optical Con Switch
Konsolety, procesory, dystrybucja sygnału

Hover Box Element

Efekty inne
  • Dimmery 2kW, 3kW, 5kW
  • Intercom Altair
  • kable światłowodowe, kable ethercon
  • Bezprzewodowy DMX
  • najazdy kablowe
Dimmery, energetyka
  • MDG Atmosphere APS, MAX, ICE Fog Q
  • JEM ZR 12, ZR 22, ZR 33, ZR 44, ZR 24/7
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