GrandMa 3 has been in TSE Grupa since the first of June.

For Children’s Day, the brand new grandMa 3 entered our warehouse. The device is based on the achievements of previous grandMA systems by MA Lighting. It is the most versatile console in this system.


The grandMA3 console offers extensive possibilities for creating event lighting because it has 60 hardware playbacks and 16 X keys. Its advantage is the large area of ​​​​screens that give direct access to the programming functions. The freely configurable views meet various individual requirements.

Dual encoders allow intuitive control of additional features and functions. We have freedom in function mapping, which makes programming easier and faster.

The faders used in the grandMA3 feature RGB slot lighting along their entire length. All playbacks have direct access keys, and brightness and timing adjustments via RGB-backlit knobs.

grandMA3 light is compatible with the grandMA2 and grandMA3 system software.


The grandMA3 console has the computing power of 8,192 control parameters, which perfectly enables the implementation of the largest and most prestigious shows.

The system is expandable up to 250,000 parameters with additional grandMA3 computing units. It has been equipped with a well-thought-out, intuitive and quick-to-use user interface, with an optimized command section.

The grandMA3’s operating system is brand new and designed to be more accessible to new users. Lots of feedback and ideas from existing users have been incorporated.

The grandMA3 system software has a new, elegant architecture, at the heart of which is a new way of handling devices, functions and effects.

GrandMa3 has better previews, faster access, and more accurate information that enables improved programming orientation.


Real-time control of up to 250,000 parameters per session, combined with grandMA3 computing units

  • 6 DMX outputs,
  • 1 DMX input
  • 2 built-in multi-touch screens on the folding wing
  • 2 built-in narrow touch screens
  • 2 built-in multi-touch command screens Possibility to connect additional 2 external multi-touch screens
  • 41 rotary encoders with RGB backlight
  • 5 illuminated dual encoders
  • 15 illuminated motorized 60mm faders
  • 60 standalone hardware playbacks
  • 16 customizable X keys Integrated keyboard drawer Built-in UPS 3 etherCON connectors, 6 USB connectors
  • 2 illuminated motorized 100mm A/B faders Quiet keys with individual, adjustable backlighting