FLYPIX360 – new possibilities in creating multimedia scenography.

Flypix 360 is a pixel made of several LED diodes, enclosed in a milky sphere with a diameter of 50mm. FlyPix provides 360-degree light emission, which allows you to create magical 3D effects. They are available in 3-meter cords, fixed every 12 cm. They are mostly used to display graphic and video animations.

FlyPix360 creates unusual types of LED screens on which we can display the same graphics, animations and movies as on conventional LED screens and walls. Thanks to the fact that with FlyPix360 we can build various shapes and forms and the visibility of the images displayed on them can be different each time, they create a unique effect at every event.

The FlyPix360 system opens up new possibilities in creating multimedia scenography. It allows you to go with multimedia elements into the event space, beyond the stage. You can use it to create an extension of LED walls, arrange the event space with it, and create video-decorations.

It is easy to assemble. It has an intuitive control system that allows you to quickly achieve your goals. Integrated with other systems, it becomes part of a directed multimedia show.

Available in any quantity.

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