President Joe Biden in Poland

Joe Biden in Poland. Once again, we are securing the US President’s visit to Poland from the side of technical implementation.

This is fifth presidential visit of which we were the technical producer. The previous ones took place in 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2022!
This time we had very little time and the event and its scale was many times larger.
We thank all the teams we worked with for their professionalism and promptness.
We salute the ” team” from the Royal Castle in Warsaw, which hosted the venue. Thank you for the good reception and cooperation.
Thank you to our entire team! It is known not from today that you are the best!
Production of the event: TSE Grupa
Chief Producer: Cezary Dragow
Technical producer: Marcin Kałużyński,
Light design and implementation: Michał Parzych,
Lighting crew chief: Mariusz Gołębiewski,
LED screens: realization Robert Niziński,
Audio: realization Dominik Zajączkowski,
Camera realization, streaming : Łukasz Rosiński
Stage: crew chief Łukasz Lenarczyk