Latest generation of P2HDR LED screen

The latest generation of P2HDR LED screen up to a few weeks in our offer.

The quality and intensity of the audience’s experience at stage events depend largely on the type and technical parameters of the LED screens used during their implementation. At TSE Group, we know how important this is for organizers, which is why we offer high-quality P2HDR LED screen modules.

P2HDR LED screen modules are characterized by high resolution, which allows them to display images in high sharpness and increased color gamut. As a result, the image presented on them is very realistic and reflects natural lighting conditions. In addition, the Black Face function allows you to create completely black screens, and turning off inactive pixels improves image contrast and sharpness and reduces power consumption.

The high refresh rate of P2HDR LED screens makes the video images displayed on them smoother and more realistic, without stuttering or blurring, greatly enhancing the viewing experience. A specially designed mask reduces glare and other distortions, which improves the contrast and sharpness of the displayed image.

The ability to combine the lightweight 50 cm by 50 cm modules of P2HDR LED screens into concave or convex forms, as well as to connect them at right angles using 90-degree corners, makes it possible to create screens of custom sizes and shapes and fit them into a specific space.

We offer as many as 400 m2 of P2HDR uniform LED screen modules, from a single production batch.

Advantages of the new P2HDR screen include :

  • high resolution – a pixel size of 2.5 mm guarantees an excellent image from a distance o d the viewer of 3 m. Full HD resolution is obtained already at a base of 5 m, and at a base of 10 m we exceed 4K
  • high contrast and deep blacks thanks to the use of a true “BlackFace” diode
  • spectacular color depth and grayscale thanks to the use of top-of-the-line electronics with wide dynamic range – HDR10, which allows us to display a more realistic and natural image, closer to how our eyes see the surrounding reality.
  • a high refresh rate, exceeding 3840 HZ, allowing to obtain a very smooth, fatigue-free image for the human eye, even with the most dynamic materials such as movies, games and sports broadcasts.
  • A special mask, designed to work with the camera , allowing the complete elimination of image interference, even at maximum close-ups.

The Analog Way Aqulion vision realization mixer is a perfect fit for P2HDR LED screens, allowing you to have full control over the projected image and its precise adjustment to the needs of the event.

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