This year’s Museum Night with TSE Grupa!

TSE Group at the centre of events during this year’s Museum Night!

During this year’s Night of the Museums, we had the extraordinary pleasure of being involved in the creation of a multimedia pavilion that was set up between the Palace of Culture and Science and Swietokrzyska Street in Warsaw. We carried out this extraordinary work on behalf of the agency 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT for the City of Warsaw.

As part of this project, we used our innovative LED screens, which were installed on stage structures and used to build the exterior walls of the pavilion. These screens presented works of art that were uniquely created – through the collaborative work of play participants and an artificial intelligence generator. This unusual combination made it possible to create unique artistic projects that were presented on the outer walls of the pavilion.

Inside the pavilion, there were dashboards that allowed people to create their own projects in collaboration with AI. This experience offered an opportunity to explore the boundaries of art and technology, inspiring participants to interact creatively and explore new possibilities.

Museums at Night is a unique event during which art galleries, museums and cultural institutions not only open their doors late into the night, but also prepare special attractions for their visitors. It is not only an opportunity to admire works of art, but also to participate in artistic performances and visit usually inaccessible parts of the facilities.

We are delighted to have been part of this unique tradition. This year’s Night of the Museums in Warsaw was organised for the nineteenth time, and we were proud to bring our commitment and technological innovation to the event.

We would like to thank the agency 180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT for the trust and the opportunity to work together.

We are proud of our role in creating memorable experiences for our clients and audiences.

See you at the next Museum Night!

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